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IpdivdivdivCurrent events of December160;1,160;2017160;(2017-12-01) (Friday)divdivArmed conflicts and attacksdivdivdivdivCurrent events of December160;2,160;2017160;(2017-12-02) (Saturday)divdivdivArmed conflicts and attacksdivulliVoyager programulliVoyager 1 successfully fires backup maneuvering thrusters, that had previously remained inactive for 37 years.

Those thruster firings are to keep the spacecraft's antenna pointed at Earth, which is vital to maintain communications. (iArs Technicai)liulliuldivdivdivdivCurrent events of December160;3,160;2017160;(2017-12-03) (Sunday)divdivArmed conflicts and attacksdivdivdivdivCurrent events of December160;5,160;2017160;(2017-12-05) (Tuesday)divdivulli2017 California wildfiresulliThomas FireulliDue to persistent high winds, a fire begins and quickly spreads-at a rate of up to one acre per second-near Santa Paula, California, covering now at least 50,000 acres (200160;kmsup2sup), crawling into the edges of Ventura and cutting power to 260,000 homes.

7,700 houses are under mandatory evacuation.

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Query for available certificate templates from the Active Directory serverbppimg src"https:docs. microsoft. comen-usopenspecswindows_protocolsms-cersodms-cersod_filesimage023. png"ppbFigure 26: Query for certificate templates from the Active Directory serverbpollipUpon startup, the CA-WCCE server requests certificate template data from the Active Directory server via an LDAP search request, as described in [MS-WCCE] section 3.

plilipThe Active Directory server processes the request and responds with certificate template data in the format that is specified in [MS-WCCE] section 3.

Office Tools

LiliIt accompanies LZMA BZip2, PPMD, and Improved Deflate methods. liliYou can use WinZip Express to set a cloud connection on the clipboard for any file. liliAlso, buttons for characteristics that were disabled are hidden, forestalling disarray. liliInclude or move files from Explorer using another button beside the button promptly to a Zip file.


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